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YUMMO!! Food, food and more food! We have some great and very unusual food in Australia - Vegemite, Lamingtons, Damper, Anzac Biscuits, Iced Vovos mmmm YUM!  or what about Stockman's Bootlaces, Curried Yabbies and Rice or even Dogs in Blankets?

If you feel like having a taste of the normal and not-so-normal Australian cuisines - then check out the recipes and history to some of these great foods here!





Dinkum Aussie Tucker!
Dinkum aussie treats.... meet the Caramello Koala, munch on some vegemite toast, pack away a meat pie with sauce and much much more...



True Blue Aussie Recipes - Things that real aussies actually eat...Recipes for food that typical aussies actually eat! Wait til you try a lamington! or even better a pavlova smothered in whipped fresh cream and fresh fruit! MMMMM That's dessert of course! You can also find a few recipes for typical Australian feasts too...



Aussie Specialties!Here are the strange and unusual very Australian recipes - ever tried Kangaroo Tail Soup? or how about Camel Stew or better yet - Barbecued Emu? These and many other unusual Australian recipes can be found here!



Convert your weights and measures here...
Need to convert weights and measures? What about oven temperatures etc - then check this section out for all the information you need!





Bush Tucker Menu

BushFood reprinted courtesy of the
Bush Tucker Supply Company





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