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Sydney Salad

Prep. time 20 mins

400g mesclun lettuce mix
50ml light lemon myrtle mayonnaise
1 avocado, sliced
4 red cherry and 4 yellow pear tomatoes
100g emu prosciutto
15ml Akudjura
50g shaved parmesan
75g Mountain pepper croutons
whitlof leaves for garnish
1 small carrot

Prepare the 4 Opera House garnishes by selecting 4 x 5 whitlof leaves
of decreasing size. Make a hole at the base of the leaves with a paring
knife and pass a spear cut from the carrot through the hole to make the
4 forward pointing sails and one small reversed sail of the Opera House.
Store in iced water until required, if necessary. Arrange four serves of
salad in the middle of appropriate plates. Garnish with the avocado
slices, quartered tomatoes and smoked quail egg halves. (See following
note). Drizzle the salads with the mayonnaise, add the emu prosciutto,
akudjura and parmesan. Set the Opera House garnish in place using
extra lettuce leaves to secure them and finish the salad with the
croutons. Serve at once.

Note: To smoke hard-boiled, shelled eggs simply place them on a rack
in a covered wok containing bunya nut shells with some sawdust
(optional) and heat the shells to smoking. Eggs will take from 2 to 14
hours to smoke depending upon how much smoke is generated and the
size of the eggs.


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